Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Acid Test

A couple of months ago I ran a mail-merge and mailed out to 150 contacts a hand-signed letter and a glossy brochure. All up my costs were about $200 plus ten hours.

Coaches tell us to offload our non-creative work; coaches like Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach tell us to offload a task to someone who is passionate about that specific task.

How do you find the person who is passionate about, say, mail-merge?

I had to examine my fears, and my fear with mail-merge is offsetting the customized hand-signed letters by one or more spots. Absent-mindedly stuffing envelopes and reaching the end with a letter (or an envelope) left over means that somewhere in the set you have double-stuffed or zero-stuffed an envelope.

If I do it, I know that I’ve done it, and take steps to fix it.

How do I know that my mail-stuffer hasn’t done it?

I posed the question to a dozen colleagues before I came up with the answer.

Chatting to Kim Leitch at the East Gwilliambury Chamber of Commerce gala, I posed the question, and her response was along the lines of “I’d go back and fix it”.

But what if you have already licked and sealed the envelopes as you went along?

“I haven’t”, she smiled. “That’s the LAST step”.

Now maybe the previous eleven colleagues all work that way too, but Kim was the one who heard my fear and managed to convey to me that such a mistake was, indeed fixable by the Virtual Assistant.

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