Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Write a Daily Blog - Effortlessly

Thinking of cranking your blog frequency from Monthly to daily?

Here’s an easy way:

Don’t do it.


You know I blog daily, some of it rubbish (to your eyes) but enough of it good to warrant you eye-balling each issue.

How did I get here?

Well, after 18 months daily blogging comes easy – a conversation with a colleague yesterday yielded FIVE topics, and once I got off the phone I clickety-clacked nearly a week’s worth of material into the pipeline.

Ah! The Pipeline.

Try this:

Maintain a word processing document with a table of hyperlinks to articles you have written.

When the urge comes on you, fire up the document, add an article, and get back to what you were doing.

Each WEEK pick what you think is the best of your pipeline and publish it.

You have upped your frequency from monthly to weekly AND you are building a lovely stockpile of articles.

As time goes by you’ll find that the mood comes on you more and more frequently; you’ll start spotting topics where you didn’t before. That’s because your mind is now thinking of topics, whereas before it was wondering which flavor of ice-cream to pick up on the way home.

Once you find you are adding to your stockpile about once a day, crank up the frequency to twice-a-week, or just leap right into daily.

It’s that easy.

And unless someone is paying you to publish an article every day, don’t sweat it if you run dry.

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