Friday, November 12, 2010

Marketing 101 – Again

Another Staples Blog reads in part:

Marketing 101 clearly sets out:

• The purpose of marketing is to develop a product or service; identify and qualify markets and customers; map the road to market; and define and create effective communications.

• The purpose of sales is to develop customer relations; deliver the force behind “closing sales”; provide important market feedback; and directly impact the top-line (and middle-line) gross margins.

Many solo entrepreneurs fall into the trap of thinking that you need a special person to “do” marketing, a special person to “do” sales.

I fell into that trap.

Until I realized that I didn’t need a special person to “do” software installation, and I didn’t need a special person to “do” book-keeping.

In Expected Values I wrote that in my organization we have Chris Greaves the Prospector and Chris Greaves the Salesman. (We also have Chris Greaves the Trainer and Chris Greaves the Programmer).

I have training skills

I have programming skills

I have sales skills

I have marketing skills.

Each skill-set might be qualified to a different degree (novice, expert) but there’s no escaping the fact that I have those skills.

The Staples article goes on to say “The key is in the integrated thinking that connects sales and marketing.”

And here’s where we get lucky: Our sales, marketing, training and programming staff are EXCELLENT COMMUNICATORS.

Because they live in the same head.

That’s why when we (Sales) are sitting with a prospect it is so easy for us to determine what’s on-the-shelf and can be installed quickly, and what might take a bit more time.

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