Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to Stay Sane

I know, I know, …

Part of my early-morning sequence is to scan the newspapers and then scan the blogs. To this end I have sub-menus in FireFox labeled “Daily Dose” (of newspapers and ‘Daily Blogs”. On click and ten newspapers open up for my perusal.

Amongst the ten is Alex Cartoon , and here is the issue which prompted this blog entry .

Here’s my take (apart from Alex being a very smart guy). Cartoons are based in reality. You already know that. Most jokes are funny because they take a real situation and then put a wicked (as in “wise”) twist at the end.

Alex’s cartoons do just that for me. They remind me that the joke is based in a true situation, and yes, there really are business people out there who think like Alex’s characters.

So you might not be in Finance or Big Banking.

Read Alex for one week then tell me that you don’t have clients like his.

Talk to Me !

P.S. My “other cartoonist” is Matt , but you might find him funny only if you follow the U.K. news and/or have roots in the U.K. When Matt (or Alex( go on holiday, my mood changes.

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