Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He Didn’t Bite My Head Off!

One of the most common reactions when I’ve pushed a reluctant entrepreneur into phoning someone is the amazed phrase “He Didn’t Bite My Head Off!”.

I know.

I felt that way too.

I feel that way too.

I’ve just called the Presdent and said “I read yesterday’s press release on CNW and I’m calling you to invite you out to lunch”.

I don’t get my head bitten off.

Of course I don’t.

The President doesn’t have a clue who I am.

“Are you an investor?” they sometimes ask. No, I say, I’m not.

Sometimes they say “ It’s Not a Good Time ”, and that’s OK too. I ask if next month might be better, or even ask them to suggest a time. After all “It’s Not a Good Time” means that It’s a Good Idea, but that It’s Not a Good Time, so if it’s a good idea, let’s do it at another time. You pick a time.

I was going to let you pick a time anyway.

By the time The President has asked me who I am, what I do (I read the CNW press releases, that’s what I do, and that’s why I’m inviting him out to lunch) we have begun to be curious about each other.

What kind of a consultant just calls and ask for a lunch date, just for the sake of meeting, anyway/

Someone kind of special.

Sure! Let’s do lunch.

Sounds like fun.

Talk to Me !

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