Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leadership vs. Managament

From the November 8, 2010 issue of Canadian Business :
  • Leadership is having the vision to build a railway; Management is making the trains run on time.

Another confusion of roles cleared up.

For solo-entrepreneurs, we are both leaders and managers.

The trick, then, is identifying the task and making sure that we set aside the time to be a leader (might be sitting on a park bench thinking deeply) and staying on top of things (might be recording phone calls and meetings set up).

They ALSO say, elsewhere on their web site “Send me 22 issues of Canadian Business - Canada's Best Selling Business magazine for just $19.95!”.

Sounds like good value to me.

Question: Who makes the decision to subscribe, The Leader or The Manager?

If you’d like to preview a copy before subscribing, pray that your local doctor is late for your appointment; there’s a copy in his waiting room.

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