Friday, September 10, 2010

When Your Exchange Rate Hits 97c

So I’m sitting in the Tim Horton’s at West Mall and Q.E.W., the first (of over 300 outlets in Toronto) that you reach when traveling from the USA up the Q.E.W.

The little sign says “U.S. 97c” and we all know what that means.

They accept U.S. Dollars.

Of course.

I hope the rate is at the discretion of the franchisee, that is, the local manager of the store.

I have a horrible vision of the staff ringing up $2.68 for a large coffee and a raisin bran muffin, and then having to re-calculate it as $2.60 in $US, a patience-sapping delay for the sake of eight cents.

All of this serves to remind me that when I Focus on My BEST Relationships , I’m not to worry about the ten minutes spent answering the occasional email. That I should focus on customer satisfaction.

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