Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keeping it Up

For more than a year now I’ve pumped out, and been pumped up, by all sorts of ideas.

Today, a confession:

Although I’m still following my own advice on some issues, other issues have dropped by the wayside.

That is, some of my ideas seemed like ideal solutions to my problems at the time, but after a few days, or weeks, I’ve stopped doing what I wrote about.

For whatever reason – too much work, not enough results, the problem wandered away, and so on.

So is it bad advice? And if so, how would you know which items have proven successful?

You’ll Never Know!

I have logged each idea as it has come to me, and tried to follow it. Each idea is a result of MY thinking about one of MY problems.

And if the idea didn’t work for ME, then I dropped it.

You may not have the same problem, in which case you may not be bothered to try my idea.

You may have the same (or similar) problem, you may try the idea, and it may work for you.

Or it may not.

My point here is that unless you try something (that is well thought-out), you’ll never know if it works for you.

And of all the ideas I’ve come up with for over a year, some of them still work – for ME!

And that’s why it was worth trying each one of them, just to find which ones serve ME well.

So try them all. If any ONE of them works for you, then you are ahead of the game. And you can always discuss the idea with ME

Talk to Me !

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