Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Tip and the HST

A recent article in the Toronto Star discussed the mobile card devices and the impact of adding 15% tip to the bill, when the presented total already includes the 13% HST.

“Tipping a restaurant for good service is one thing. But why tip the federal and provincial governments for applying a 13-per-cent harmonized sales tax to your bill?”

My response?

This is excellent advice for personal use, and I've done it for years.

I especially liked the idea of CASH in hand being scooped up by the wait staff and dropped into their apron pouch; it is an immediate feedback on good service.

I find it useful for business lunches too.

I don't run a car anymore, so colleagues pick me up.

Because they are paying for the car (lease, registration, gas etc.) I insist on paying for the meal.

They protest a bit, so I say "You leave the tip", and when they drop cash on the table THEY come away feeling that they have contributed, so that is a win-win-win situation.

As well as refraining from tipping the govt. for the HST!

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