Saturday, September 25, 2010

Be Accountable for Every Goal

If you are having trouble reaching your goals, and if you are choosing attainable goals (size and time-span) then perhaps the problem lies in your accountability.

Here’s a direct advantage of the written-down goal (I print out a goal sheet each morning, and complete it). (“ My Goal Today Is ”)


The printed sheet, filled in by hand as you wait for your computer to re-boot/your coffee to brew, stares at you in silent accusatory mode, and continues to stare at you until you have achieved your goal.

The printed sheet is a cheap but effective substitute for an in-office business partner.

If you share an office room with someone else, use them and tell them at the start of the day “My Goal Today is ...”, and at the end of the day have them ask you "Did you reach your goal?”.

Make yourself accountable for each goal on an individual basis, and you’ll get into the habit of focusing on delivering each goal.

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