Saturday, September 4, 2010

Giving Gatekeepers a Good Rap

Gatekeepers get a bad rap; they are all too often seen as The Enemy.

I’ve just got off the phone with Maureen, executive assistant to David and to Lucas.

I had spoken with her last week in my first bid to get a meeting with Lucas.

I called back this morning, explained that I’d called last week (I don’t know whether she remembered or not), and asked if David was available.

He is “in the building”, but ...

“Perhaps you can help me? I’m calling to set up a meeting with David. Is his schedule free late this week or early next week?”

Turns out he is just back and is catching up.

“Oh I understand; he will be wading through a backlog of voice-mail and email” – see? We are on the same team, Maureen and I.

She asks me to send her an email, which I will do, asking for a meeting sometime Monday through Thursday next week.

This might just work.

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