Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 Reasons for Goals of Seasons

I sometimes have troubles with reaching my goals. I have no trouble setting the goals, but some of them seem just too long-term.

I think the solution might be to start with an annual goal.

For example:

  • By this time next year I want to have eight new paying clients from large financial institutions.

Now I just can’t achieve that goal as it is stated.

It is too large and too far away.

I could have a decent chance at “two new paying clients“ per quarter. I think that is attainable.

Indeed, if I aimed at “one per month” and achieved that in the first two months of the quarter, I could then goof off for a month (or get a head-start on the next quarter).

You can see where this is going.

Suppose out of every ten Presidents/CEOs/CFOs I meet I ultimately get some work.

Then I need to meet (lunch, supper, coffee) with ten of them each month.

That’s one every two business days.

That sounds like a lot.

I already know ( The 1-6-10 Rule – How Did it Work? ) how many phone calls I need to make to reach an executive, and I know the conversion rate of dialing-to-live-conversation, and I know the conversion rate of live-conversation-to-meeting.

That gives me a figure of just how many times per day I need to dial a telephone number.

I know how many hours per day are spent on the phone ( Dropping Clients ).

So now I know how many hours per day I need to spend on the phone. If that figure comes to more than five, then I’m not going to reach my goal, assuming my assumptions are correct.

Nonetheless, it gives me a goal as short as a day against which I can measure progress.

And remember: Management Measures

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