Friday, September 17, 2010

Milk it for all it is Worth!

Sometimes I get lucky and no one picks up the phone.

Then I hear the bit about “Press STAR and key in the first 3 letters ...”.

I’ve Learned to Wait

Today that bit was followed by “ ... or stay on the line to hear a list of staff members”, so I figured “Why not?”.

I’ve spent a few minutes pulling up the contact record, re-reading my notes, sketching out a rough plan-of-attack, and do NOT want to be rewarded with zero.

I don’t get to speak with someone, and I don’t know anyone well enough to leave an unsolicited voice-mail, so I figure I may as well jot down the names of (it turns out to be 16) staff members given that I’ve got this far.

One of the names rings a bell.

The fellow whose dad I worked for a quarter of a century ago.

Both the CEO and my long-lost friend delivered voice-mails messages, but at least, next time I call, I’ll have two bites at the cherry; if that’s the correct expression.

Talk to Me !

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