Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Make More Mistakes Than Anybody I Know

Not a day goes by but I make a hatful of mistakes, some trivial some major.

I learned this afternoon that you are supposed to add an egg to the ground meat when you make burger patties. I’d guessed at the dried herbs and spices, and had shanghaied in some chopped onions. But an egg? Who knew?

Now I know.

My first effort at chicken burgers resulted in lovely crumbly fork-size pieces of fried meat and onions. Great as a late-night snack.

Next time I’ll add an egg.

I was experimenting, do you see, and didn’t end up with perfect patties, but did end up with a few servings of a tasty cold-snap snack.

Next time will be better.

Same with computers. I tried a new procedure for the results of a mail-merge and it went awry.

Thing is, I took a shot at it, so I am ahead of anyone who thinks a mail-merge is daunting.

It’s the same with my approach to prospecting: No one I know calls the President of a major firm direct and unsolicited. I get some knock backs, but I get a lot more meetings with presidents of major firms than anyone else I know.

I also get to make more mistakes because I get more done each day, and that’s because I get up early and clear the “housework” office stuff out of the way before 9 a.m.

I need as much time as I can get to make mistakes with other people!

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