Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Put the Relationships on the Shelf

As the weeks turn into months I become more and more conscious that while my revenue comes from solving problems, the business comes from relationships.

Mine is a very personal business – I get work from people who know me.

So when I’m not doing billable work I should be phoning or meeting people.

If this is so then a serious proportion of my shelf space should be set aside for the papers, files and folders related to my business relationships.

I though this today while I tidied the office. I have a narrow shelf set aside for my working papers – a sheet of notes for each prospect, a folder of prospects, my diary of appointments etc.

I ought to have set aside a complete bookcase for these materials – they are the life-blood of my business.

So part of my thrust at tidying my office today was freeing up a six-shelf bookcase which will hold nothing but materials related to converting prospects into contacts into clients.

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