Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Goal Today is Progress

It’s early days yet, but it IS working well.

On Sunday I decided that my goal was to issue all the personal (domestic) Christmas cards for 2009 (traditionally I am a bit late in my mailings ...).

The objectives ran:

1: Compose message to card

2: Print cards

3: Print envelopes

4: Stuff and Stamp cards

5: Mail cards

By half-past-noon I had 65 cards printed, stuffed and stamped, except for a few overseas cards that need extra postage. I’ll get them done this lunchtime at the Postal outlet across the street.

That’s been bugging me for a while, so I’m glad it is done.

It shows me that the technique I’m using works for both my business and personal life.

During the print exercise something went awry with the laser printer on the network, so my morning included a quick install on the laptop. That gave me the incentive to Get The Job Done by hurdling obstacles as they threatened to divert me from my goal.

After lunch I fixed the lamp socket in the living-room. That too had been bugging me!

This morning my goal was to reduce the 158 contacts awaiting a follow-up call to 108. I reckoned on doing 50 today in a six-hour telephoning window.

My objectives:

1: 9am-11am

Get 20 new contacts done (these are contact fresh from press releases)

2: Noon to 2pm

Get 10 done (these will be current contacts which I feel should be “touched”

3: 2pm-4pm

Get 20 new contacts done (these are contact fresh from press releases)

Here we are at 11;30. I have reduced 158 to 148, far short of my objective 1.

But it tells me before I break for lunch that I need to spend less time dithering and get to the phone a lot faster than I have been doing.

Talk to Me !

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