Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your Problems Change. Why Not Change Your Skill-Set?

You are out there doing whatever-you-do to change the world.
· Every man-and-his-dog is out there too.
There are more of them than there are of you.
· So the world is changing faster than you are.
In particular, the nature of problems coming at you is changing. Technology changes. The rules change.
My accountant (who has been mentoring small business owners since about 1845!) has to keep abreast of each tiny bit of fiscal legislation that seeps out of Ottawa. If he ever lets down his guard, we will all end up paying taxes, and that's a no-no in his eyes.
If re-training is not a part of your monthly schedule, you WILL be left behind.
Now when I say "Training" your eyes roll back and you think of either (1) $250/day to go on a Microsoft Excel course downtown or (b) $1,500 a day for three days to go on one of those Paul Tobey workshops.
· Think instead "learning something".
At least book yourself into a free seminar once a month. Three hours in the evening. Once a month. Twice is better. (send me an email and in my reply you'll see a list of the next few freebies I'll be attending!)
Visit (better yet, JOIN!) a professional group that showcases a presentation each month.
Read half a dozen marketing blogs daily (send me an email) and implement ONE small suggestion each day.
· But do something.
For the world spins on its axis every 24 hours, and the dawn brings a changed world.
· Every day.

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