Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aiming for Viral

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
I made the decision this morning.

I feel that the fastest way to get my name on people's lips is to "go viral" in the vernacular.
Of all the things I do, of all the things I teach, of all the things I own, of all the things I know, what ONE THING satisfies
  1. General appeal
  2. Universal appeal
  3. Be targeted towards a small professional segment business.
The answer is "Indxr".

Now you don't have a clue what Indxr is, so here is the one-sentence profile:
Indxr is a one-click index-creation tool for Microsoft Word documents.
You can read more here and here.

  • I have my 3,000+ emails and phone numbers gleaned from 13,000 press releases.
  • I have a simple database table with organization, name, title, phone, email, web page, to which I have added a FLAG field and a Date Last Issued field.
  • I have a little macro that will flag the first 20 candidates with a "Q"uery flag.
  • I have a little macro that will test the flags and email an html email for those records flagged with a "Y"es flag.
  • I have the html message ready to go.
All I need now is permission.

I'll filter out the communication companies in batches of 10, call the representative and seek permission to send a one-time email describing the Indxr.

No wait! There's more!
Julia Wooster of came up with the names of a few groups to which she belongs, groups who would leap at the chance.

I told Julia that since my web page was on every GUI form as a clickable link, she could host the package on her web pages and drive traffic to her web pages or to her networking group's pages as a return favor.

What do I care?

As long as people download it, share the link or even email the ZIP file to their colleagues, ultimately the question on everyone's lips will be "What else does this guy do?'
I should record a training video and post it on YouTube.
I should mention it in interviews, on my blogs, on my business card, in my email signature.
I need a short snappy script for the telephone call.
What is holding me back, apart from that?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And the rest, as they say, is herstory!
etc. etc. etc.

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