Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do Something Better Today

No matter where you stand right now, no matter how bleak the dawn, you can make one small step today towards bettering your situation.
Do SOMETHING better today, do it better than you did it yesterday.
It doesn't really matter what you choose to do better, you'll feel better (about your situation) and you'll BE better.
· Weight getting you down?
Today, climb a single flight of stairs. Make a point of including one flight in your daily schedule. Next week move to 2 flights.
· Lack of cash getting you down?
Today, forgo the donut, or the coffee. Or take a snack to eat mid-day instead of spending $10 in the food court.
· Skill-set poor?
Set off on a journey to mastery of the computer. My free Windows Tips correspondence course is a good start, but any self-help stepping course is better than sitting staring at the computer. Learn Alt-Tab today, Ctrl-A tomorrow …
· Need a business coach and can't afford one?
Start chatting to people your style at networking meetings. Arrange to buddy-up with one person with whom you seem to have rapport, and don't fret about equality in the relationship. One of you is going to give more than the other, I promise you. It's the way the world is. Live with it.
· But do something.
For the world spins on its axis every 24 hours, and the dawn brings a changed world.
Every day.

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