Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Not About More Money

(I am aware that this is possibly the 300th blog entry of this title.)
I spoke today with a successful consultant who isn't particularly interested in Getting More Business.
"I have enough", he says; "I'm semi-retired". And I'm glad for him.
I still feel that a bit of effort can make him feel even better.
That little extra effort in Prospecting, Marketing, Sales or what-ever can give you more than money; it can give you a choice.
I may be making enough money to pay the rent, buy the groceries, and set aside a sum for retirement.
I make that money from specific clients who buy my services.
Of all my clients, by definition one must be "the worst". And by definition one must be "the best".
With a bit more effort I could swap the worst client for a different client, one who would be significantly better than the second-worst client.
Of course, now that I've got rid of the worst client and replaced them with a client significantly better (and hence more fun), my second-worst client has slipped to the bottom and is now "the worst".
I'll always have a "worst" client, (and I'll always have a "best" client.
But with a little bit of extra effort I can improve the quality of my clients, and hence can improve the fun in my life, without having to feel I'm busting my gut to Make More Money.

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