Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I Put Everything on My Web Site

I decided six months ago to put everything I write on my web site.
Because to me it made no sense to write something of value and have it spinning at 7200 rpm on the hard drive on my computer.
If it is of value to me, (and why else would I write it up?) it is probably of value to someone else.
Heck, it MUST be of value to at least one of the 7 billion other people on the planet.
So what do I write?
Obviously I record diaries of my daily business experience (you are reading one now!) .
I don't write a personal diary ("Met Bill for ice-cream").
I write technical papers on any new task I perform. If I am asked to look into "List Numbering in Microsoft Word", I record my findings because I'll probably be asked to report for another client, or at least, I'll stumble across a prospect with that problem and can capitalize on my previous work.
Resurrecting "lost data" from Fred's hard drive likewise was an exercise in which I developed a step-by-step procedure for copying files across NOT using Windows Explorer, which proved to be useless.
I live an active life; I am curious about everything, from the mechanisms of Mitochondrial DNA to the photons that arrive from thousands of light years away. From a scale model of our planetary system set up in the gymnasium of the local church to the Red Wrigglers that eat my garbage.
If you are interested in Mitochondrial DNA, or the photons that arrive from thousands of light years away, or a scale model of our planetary system, or Red Wrigglers that eat garbage, I want to chat with you.
My web pages are the outpouring of my mind. One of those pages will serve as a note to someone:
Talk to Me!

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