Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

You need to make a pitch to the guy who REALLY counts.
Let's call him "Rick". You have his number, email address, title, and a 4-page dossier gleaned from the company web site.
A call that starts "Rick, you don't know me but …." is going to be dead in the water before you inhale your first breath.
Don't even bother.
Look again.

Somewhere amongst that mass of names is a close-fit. Someone in a similar role, at a similar level and you don't know, but perhaps they meet in the dining-room each day, or have to attend the same bi-weekly meetings.
Look for a good fit.
Let's call him Gerry.
Then call THEM instead.
I promise you, Gerry will tell you "You should speak to Rick", and give you the same name, number, email that you ferreted out an hour ago.
Now call Rick.
A call that starts "Rick, I was chatting with Gerry and he said to call you about … " is going to skim across the water like Donald Campbell.
Contact Me and let me know that you got the business, OK?

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