Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Hand-Written Note

I love installations where someone drags me off to their cubicle asking for help – in formatting a word-processing document that will ultimately be faxed to the recipient.
In the first place, faxing is graphic, so I never worry about using extra paragraph marks for vertical spacing (as I worry if I am emailing a document)
But the ultimate guffaw comes when I see the content: "Let's do lunch".
Here is a mid-level manager struggling for 60 minutes or more with a cranky word-processor for a lunch invitation.
Today my situation is reversed.
I've been telephoning an executive for three weeks, different times during the day, and just not getting through.
So I still draft the message (paper and pencil), but rather than compose an email, it's out with the expensive beige Magna Carter Parchment Paper (A million dollars for 100 sheets at your local stationery store) and a neat hand-written job.
Ditto the envelopes.
· Hand-written.
Hand-written return address in the top-left corner.
And one of my personal postage stamps.
Let's see if this message gets through!

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