Friday, October 9, 2009

How Cheeky Do You Want Me to Be?

My name is Chris Greaves.
Well, Christopher Greaves if you want to be fancy, but "Chris" works for me.
My web site is
Well, if you want to be fancy, but I only speak with people who know to put www in front.
Or who know that you can just type "" directly into the browsers box.
I am registered with a great many web sites, forums, blogs, newspapers, and until this morning I always used my name as a user name, thus "cgreaves", "chrisgreaves", or "cprgreaves" and so on.
· This morning I thought "Why not use my web site as my name?".
Better visibility; you still know my name, and I'm probably the same Chris Greaves as pops up elsewhere.
But now you also can figure out how to visit my web site!
Expect to see a great many more comments on blogs as of today…..

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