Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Cold Call Scripts that Work for YOU

You can search the web for scripts, print them out, edit them, use them, and you'll still feel awkward and robotic.
I know. I've been there myself.
But I gradually lifted myself out of the pit of despair by a simple mechanical device, and I'm going to share that with you now.
Step 1
Search the web and locate a half-a-dozen pages of script.
This link will get you started.
Step 2
Read the pages (there's good advice on them) and paste the scripts into a word-processing document.
Number each script, just as I have numbered the steps on this page.
Step 3

Build a table with one more column than you have scripts. Ten scripts? Eleven columns!
Step 4
Into the left hand column paste the 40 or so contacts you want to cold-call today.
Across the top of the remaining columns paste the script numbers; one through ten in this example.
Step 5
Just before you pick up the phone to make the first call, choose a script based on whatever knowledge you have – how you feel right now, the type of company you think you're calling, whether you'll be speaking with a male or female, and so on.
Mark with an "X" the cell to the right of the contact name and below the selected script. This identifies what you are about to do.
Step 6
Pull out that script sheet and make the call.
Sure it will be mechanical; these first few calls will be awkward, but it will get better, I promise.
Step 7
At the end of the call, when the phone is re-cradled, ask yourself how you feel about that call.
If you feel it went well, if you achieved your objective and received permission to send an email (or "set up a meeting" or …..), then CIRCLE that "X" to show that, in that particular case, the script worked for YOU.
Step 8
Carry on with the remaining calls, "X" for the selected script, CIRCLE for the successful selected scripts.
Step 9
When the calls are made, which scripts had the most success?
Which scripts did you not even bother to try? Try them tomorrow. Don't eliminate them until you've tried them
Step 10
Discard the scripts that were tried at last THREE times and failed to achieve your objective. Those scripts are not suited to you and your business.
Replace the discarded scripts with new scripts from your web search.
Step 11
In no time at all you'll have a battery of scripts that work for YOU.
Contact Me and let me know how you got on. I'd love to hear your side of the story.
In fact, why not put me on your list of people-to-call? I'd love to see how you make cold calls.

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