Saturday, October 3, 2009

10% is Missing!

I'm convinced it must be true for every one of us.
Speaking with Jim White of JSW & Associates this afternoon, I casually dropped a question "What is your biggest problem?". I am a problem solver, so it is a natural question to ask.
Jim's answer set me to thinking. He paused then said "Getting Started" (or words to that effect.
I have the same problem, but I'd call it "a gap".
Cheryl is good at what she does, but she could use a bit of help in automating the work. The prospect (sorry!) of an automated prospecting services would fill a gap in her business.
We all, every one of us, seem to be good at almost all of the process from prospecting, cold-calling through the sales call, closing the sale, starting the project and delivering the acceptance test.
But somewhere along the chain of events will be a link which we would describe as "our weakest link" or "my gap" or 'my biggest problem".
Think about it. By definition it must be so.
Our real problem, then, is making a positive identification of that link, and setting about strengthening it.
P.S. There's a nice end to the story – Jim and I both need to do more networking, so he's taking me as a guest to one of his networking meeting tomorrow morning, and I'm taking him as a guest to one of my networking meetings later in the month!

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