Monday, September 28, 2009

The World's Slowest-Learning Networker

It is slowly dawning on me that my regular daily work is NOT writing programs, NOT writing essays, NOT delivering training, NOT telephoning people to find work.
My regular daily work is establishing and building relationships.
Nothing else.
The programs, essays, speaking engagements, training delivery etc. etc. gets me money, which is nice.
But I'm a person, and my main activity has to be establishing and maintaining contact with other people.
I must establish myself as a part of the business community.
Here's what happened today: I picked up the phone to call someone, and found myself thinking "Oh! They won't have any work for me today".
WRONG. Utterly Wrong!
Believably (now) short-sighted.
I must pick up the phone and say "Hello, how are you doing? What are you working on?" and show an interest in that. I must bring up something which happened on a previous conversation (it's what the MEMO field is for in the contact database!).
Then they will ask me what I'm doing and I'll tell them.
And they may not want it.
But they will think of me next time they want something.
Or mention me to someone else over lunch.

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