Saturday, September 26, 2009

When the Presentation Fails

It will happen.
You travel downtown to a 3-hours seminar, five of those precious twenty-four hours (24 Hours in a Day) assigned to a presentation that turns out not to be what you had thought it would be.
Faint not nor fear not.
· (1) You got there way ahead of time with your business cards and made a point of having a five-minute serious chat with at least one other early-arrival ("serious net worker")
· (2) You got at least one useful point out of the three hours. Be honest now – if you can't harvest one new thing out of three hours, you are on the wrong planet. We would all like to gain a hundred ideas; be happy with one, just for tonight.
· (3) Use the boring times when know-it-alls interrupt to demonstrate their erudition (so how come they aren't the guy up in front, huh?) to jot down those ten things you'd rather be doing in your home-office than sitting here. That's the list that will get you going first thing tomorrow morning, an incentive to rise at 5 a.m. instead of 6 a.m.
· (4) You are, or are soon going to be speaking in front of such a group Real Soon Now, or you are going to make a presentation to ten senior executives of Global Conglobulations in three weeks time. Use tonight to build a list of what not to do: speak too quickly; end each sentence with "right?"; start each sentence with "So, .."; rattle coins in your pocket; interrupt the questioner before they have finished answering the question; wear a peach colored-shirt with part of a Quizno's sandwich on the left-hand panel.
· (5) In short, make good use of Your Time, for it is Your Time, not theirs, that is being burned up.
Grab it while it's hot.
P.S. I run a course on Time Management as part of my "Business Communications for the Mature Professional" series.

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