Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Corporate Or Personal?

Filing some papers this morning I discovered something about myself; more correctly, I discovered something about my attitude towards my business relationships.
I am doing business with many firms, some of them one-man firms.
Jim Maybee of eBusiness Solutions and Julia Wooster of Prime Admin Solutions.
Out with the hanging folders, plastic tabs, slips of paper, and I find myself writing "Jim Maybee" and "Julia Wooster" on the slips, rather than "eBusiness Solutions" and "Prime Admin Solutions".
Why is that?
I know all names well; they are equally accessible to my brain.
I think it is because my view of the world is people-oriented. I think of Jim and Julia as people who are helping me to achieve my goals, rather than as representatives of corporate entities.
So what happens with the larger firms with which I do business?
I know that the name of the firm is ESBE Scientific, but I still think of myself as doing business with Ari Pires.
I am not sure if this is knowledge, and if it is, I am not sure what to do with it (report it!).
I suspect it tells me that my attitude is indeed a warm person-to-person style, and that I am being ME if I maintain slightly-personal relationships with business.
In the long run it is why I feel comfortable greeting and thanking the bus driver, rather than treating them as an employee of the TTC.

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