Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does Google Think Your Web Site is Malicious?

During my regular prospecting work this morning I cam across a web site for which Google Search offered an informative that the web site had hosted malicious software.

Well, say no more! A great opportunity to call the CEO and bring him bad news. (You can't Shoot The Messenger when the news arrives by telephone!)
Of course, he doesn't want me to email a screenshot to him; he is suspicious of an unsolicited telephone warning about malicious stuff, ("Sounds like a scam to me"), and that's GOOD NEWS because he is conscious of security.
He'd better look into that …..
I advise him to Google Search his company name and see; he can call me back if he wants to know more.
Then I wondered if my site was found to have anything out of the ordinary, so I replaced my prospect's url with my own:

The Good news is NOT that I have no malicious stuff on my web site.
The Good News is that I have found another way to determine how often Google checks my web pages.
Frankly, I think that 90 days is too long between visits.
I'd better look into that …..

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