Thursday, September 3, 2009

I *Hate* These Web Pages

I finally got around to joining LinkedIn, but got as far as their dreadfully awful web page and am considering instead re-heating leftovers from last night's supper at The Montreal Deli.
I *hate* web pages that provide a menu of items, but do NOT offer it in list form.

The image shows the entry screen.
One has to scroll down a humungous list of possibilities one at a time.
LinkedIn does NOT allow me to make use of my eye/brain tool to scan quickly. (Maximize Every Window)
LinkedIn reduces me to the level of a scrolling robot.
Why do firms do this?
It is
· (a) unnecessary
· (b) wasteful of my time
· (c) error-prone (I'm more likely to pick something, anything, just to get ON with the process of registering)
· (d) insulting (to thinkers).
Maybe I'm upset because I haven't eaten .....

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