Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Sorts of Web Pages

The talk today was about web pages for novices.
My web site has two types (or groups) of web pages, each of the two types serves a different purpose, a different audience.
Store Front
First off I have my "Store Front" or "CEO" pages. These are the pages you see when you type in my web domain
Called "Store Front" because they are nice to look at, traditional, and warmly inviting. I hope. There's not a shred of technical stuff there. Nothing that would overwhelm a CEO, a CFO, or even a CIO.
Just plain good stuff; I'm a nice guy, I wear clean clothes, I provide solutions to business problems.
When I hand my business card to a CEO, they will see a nice corporate entity, and will, I hope, be encouraged to hear from me over the next few months.
Technical Stuff
Secondly I have my Technical Stuff, also known as "everything else".
Pretty well everything I write now gets uploaded to my web site. Blogs, training material, white papers, eBooks, applications software, Videos. Everything.
My theory is that a technical person, unlike a CEO, will use a search engine to search the web for a specific topic. They will find one of my pages and see instantly that I know the answer to their question, and they will contact me (or grab the material and remember me, which is almost as good).
Technical people and mid-line managers looking for a solution TODAY want to know that there is a solution available right now. "I see you do document conversion; we have 200,000 Word Perfect documents and I was wondering if …."
Technical people are happy wandering around, exploring, and are not hesitant to email or phone and get right to the point. They find me by a web search.
CEOs move slowly and ponderously and have minions to evaluate the technical aspects.
CEOs need to know only that they can get someone else to contact me and bring me in.

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