Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prospecting for a Team

I know that I'm supposed to be prospecting for clients, but I've learned that I also must prospect for a team.
I can't do this by myself; I just don't know enough.
But in some of the networking groups are people who have trodden this path just before me, and other people who will tread my path.
I don't need any $1,000/hour consultants, but I sure can use bits of advice for other people in the same boat.
Just when I think I've got a pretty good deal on training facilities, Cheryl tells me of a place at 1/3 the price!
Just when I think I've got a handle on web design, Jim shows me just how professional I could look.
Just when I thing my applications install and run perfectly, Julia comes along and demonstrates that they don't.
And all these people help me along the way to do a better job with my image, and with selling myself to prospects.
It is a team effort, and we all seem to take turns with knowledge and tips'n'tricks.
I must prospect for a team and surround myself with useful support.
And be prepared to support them.

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