Friday, September 4, 2009

Needs of Networking Nerds

We meet once a month; a group of like-minded individuals of various grades of aptitude, learning how to get out there and make business.
I'm trying to launch a series of six business training modules, she is trying to find her niche, he is struggling to determine …
And in our month away from the group, we amass acres and acres of information, most of which we won't use.
We arrive at the monthly meeting with a sack full of needs and desires, most of which we won't, or won't be able to communicate to our colleagues.
· A table with 3-inch by 5-inch cards on which we could write, five words or less, what we need RIGHT NOW would serve us well.
Pay your dues, Get your name badge, Wander over to the table and write "Training Facilities Oakville" and your name and phone number.
While you are there, scan the other cards; if nothing else it's a good introduction to another member who must, by definition, be present at the meeting.
· As part of the group's announcements, the secretary reads, quickly, the cards. Should not take more than 30 seconds.
As your card is read, you SAY NOTHING to interrupt the flow, but you DO raise your hand, HIGH, so that anyone who happens to know about "Training Facilities Oakville" can identify "Cheryl Scoffield" at a glance, and pass them a business card later in the meeting.

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