Thursday, September 10, 2009

Canada News Wire

I've known of this for a couple of years, but this morning everyone went ooh-ah, so I thought I'd share it here.
[ Disclaimer: I wrote a little program to automate all this stuff, so I'm promoting it as a freebie, if you are interested. It is called Weather-Vain].
Canada News Wire,, is the source of news for many of Canada's daily papers. That's probably why so many stories are duplicated in content.
Each morning I run a little job that searches through all 250+ stories from yesterday and downloads them as text files to a named folder.
For any news story that satisfied MY criteria, a copy is placed in a separate folder.
Those special copies are then automatically "cleaned up" and turned into word-processing documents.
Every day; at first reboot; automatic; un-attended.
My criteria are:
· Must have at least one of Mississauga/Toronto in the body of text
· Must have at least one of CEO/CFO/CIO in the body of text
· Must have at least one of bank/financial/investment/pharmaceutical in the body of text
· Must have at least one of millions/billions in the body of text
You can see where my interests lie!
Out of 250 to 300 stories each day, I harvest 2 to 4 prospective clients.
Here's the good part: Most stories are ended with a "For more information contact" text, and the name most often given is the CEO of the company.
And the telephone number given is the direct line!
No, I'm not suggesting you call at 10:15 a.m. and say "I'm right by your place; wanna graba coffee?", but you are getting past switchboards and HR departments.
After all, the CEO wants a journalist to get any questions of qualifications handled right on a short deadline, so please call me for the truth.
What a contact list I have!
Assembled rapidly from the panel of spokesmen at the foot of every critical news item.
Plus I have a good topic of conversation handed to me on a platter.
So Do I Ever Call a CEO?

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