Monday, September 7, 2009

What Makes Me?

Niche Marketing.
What a funny phrase. Who markets for a niche?
I see.
Find your NICHE and then market to/into that niche!
So how do You discover your niche?
Look back over the past five years, ten years at most and then answer two simple questions:
· 1) What work made you happy?
· 2) In doing that work, what makes you unique?
Whether working as an independent or working for a company, over the past five years, of all the jobs/projects you were assigned or adopted, which (of the paying!) ones were fun?
Those are the sorts of tasks at which you will probably be happy for the next five years.
Given that others were doing the same sort of project as you (albeit in Tucson AZ or Bismarck ND), why are you different?
· You live alone and start work at 3 a.m.?
· You have a sense of humor?
· Tenacity?
· You are "good with words", a "fast thinker"?
Roughly speaking, your niche is doing what you enjoy doing (and hence do well) for those organizations or individuals who appreciate your unique qualities.
Of all the projects going in this city, those that satisfy me (I love challenging puzzles, solving impossible problems, and working with lively open-minded people) and can use my tenacity and long experience are the jobs I want to get.
I am not interested in mundane repetitive work. I am not interested in by-the-book staff.
I need to look for tasks with which I can mesh my gears.

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