Monday, January 11, 2010

Where Do I Find the Time to Read a Book?

I don't.

I find the time to read at least 6 books at once.

I have a book (1) at the bedside, one (2) next to the couch where I take a tea-break, one (3) in the kitchen, one (4) on my office desk, one (5) in the bathroom. I have a small (5"x4") Shakespeare play, one of seven I picked up for $1 each a couple of years ago, and all but one over a hundred years old) (6) sitting in my jacket pocket.

There are books spread about the place on coffee-tables.

When I need to watch the pasta until it comes to the boil, I read a couple of pages.

When some one puts me on hold, I read a couple of pages.

While walking to and waiting for the bus, I read a couple of pages.

The local bus drivers offer me "a bookmark", but to everyone else they offer a transfer ticket. I've told them that going downtown (about an hour each way) is for me like attending two hours of evening class - but in the daytime. I'm early, or my contact is late, for the appointment? I don't get resentful: I read a couple of pages.

You would be amazed at how much I read in a week, a month, and I say that you'd be amazed because I'm willing to bet that you don't have at least 6 books, each one book marked, lying around your home.

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