Tuesday, January 19, 2010

They're Not Gift Certificates ...

I am initiating a scheme to bring together about a dozen solo entrepreneurs to develop a collection of coupons.

The Tim Horton's $10 gift card I drop in the envelope of the proposal, invoice, or thank-you note can be redeemed at face value in hundreds of Tim Horton's coffee shops across the GTA.

I am hoping to amass several stacks of coupons from solo entrepreneurs known to me, people I have met and talked with.

Next time I mail out an invoice with a gift certificate, I can slip a couple of promotional coupons in the envelope too, and my client (always an individual within the firm) will have a chance to contact another entrepreneur to inquire about the on-site chair massage or the supply of tea.

The theory is that I will benefit two ways:

From my client's point of view I am introducing a new service ("20%off your first massage" or "$15 off your first order").

From my colleague's point of view I am helping them to promote their business and expand their range of contacts.

Of course, I too hope to benefit by having my coupons mailed out, or handed out on a personal face-to-face basis with their paying clients.

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