Friday, January 29, 2010

Speaking of Butterflies ...

I delivered a presentation this morning "Proposals", no big deal. Ninety minutes (less introductions) to chat and discuss how I go about writing proposals that make money.

My first presentation for Enterprise Toronto and, of course, I want it to be a big success so that they'll call me back (It was, and I hope they will).

Traveling to the auditorium I had a bad case of nerves, as I usually do whenever I am about to deliver training or speak at an event.

Why is this?

I stood in front of a computer programming class for the first time in July 1969; I've delivered training courses in the thousands; I've spoken at various groups in the hundreds, at least.

I'm good at what I do, and usually get rave reviews.

Why Nerves?

A 63-year old kindergarten teacher once told me that she too gets nerves on the first day of school. Why? Her audience, in many cases, can't tie their own shoelaces. How can she be worried about their feedback?

She explained to me that on the first day of school, she is aware that she is the first teacher these children will have, and their education, and hence their entire life, can be colored by her relationship with them, more so than with any other teacher.

And she wants to do her best; she wants to be perfect in molding these little lives.

Perhaps that's it. I want to help the people who take the time to come listen to me.

In that case, nerves is GOOD!

Don't Let Fear of Speaking Dissuade You from Speaking.

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