Saturday, January 2, 2010

When 80% is Good Enough

I have been re-reading How to Write Magnetic Headlines , and if you haven’t read it, stop reading this now and go take a peak.

There is too much for me to take in at one sitting – it’s rather like the 100-pound box of chocolate mints I didn’t get for Christmas this year – but I don’t have to digest it all at once.

The ideas in the articles are better than anything I might come up with off the top of my shiny head.

Here’s the good news; I don’t have to be 100% perfect.

I don’t have to get the exercise 100% correct.

Getting 80% of the way is 70% better than my previous best.

I am known as a good writer, but I can’t claim to be good at writing headlines or subject-lines.

These guys are good at it, far better than I am now, and who knows? In a year’s time – or less if I am diligent – I’ll be better than them.

But right now I need to craft an email that will get people’s attentions.

And a headline that’s 80% perfect ought to have a better success rate than one that is only 10% effective.

So go mediocre, but go today, not tomorrow.

My 80% of today will be 81% tomorrow and 82% the day after. By the end of next week it will be 85% pushing 90%.

And starting at 80% is a lot better, faster, cheaper, and profitable than starting at, or worse, staying at 10%.

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