Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Do Lunch!

I am not making progress on developing face-to-face meetings as I ought.

I have instituted yet-another-scheme to help myself to focus on my goals.

On the office door - where I will see it every time I walk past on my way to the kitchen or the washroom - I have screwed a sheet of cardboard, since this idea has to be implemented NOW, not to wait until I can run out an purchase a corkboard.

A supply of push-pins is next to the board.

Each time I bring up a contact record I ask myself "Would I like to meet with this person face-to-face?". The answer is usually YES, so I write their name on the back of an old business card and pin it to the board.

I have a frequent reminder of who I should be asking out for a coffee or a lunch.

And I know as I pick up the phone that my purpose in calling is to ask when (not "if"!) we can meet for a coffee or lunch.

Let's see if this works.

(I have plans to scribble the street address sand phone number on the card and take it with me as I head out the door).

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