Friday, January 15, 2010

Best Compliment this Week

Yesterday during one of my follow-up telephone calls I was paid a compliment.

I was told that my follow-up methods were excellent, my sales manner top-class, and my telephone skills impeccable, or words to that effect. I can't remember the precise words, but those three areas were singled out.

By an Internet Marketing Guru, No Less.

Now an internet marketing guru may be an internet marketing guru because he knows he lacks telephonic skills, but still I am delighted to receive the compliment.

The guru went on to suggest a meeting where we might see if my skills could be applied to his business. The future looks bright.

But that's the future, and today is another day. Today I have to make a sale.

Today's phone calls will be easier because of yesterday's compliment; that compliment will give me the courage to assert my business throughout the day, and establish myself more firmly in people's mind.

Makes me wonder how my day would be if every phone call I made included the act of me complimenting my contact, on a smooth web site, a great business, a friendly receptionist, whatever, as long as it is a sincere compliment.

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