Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hope is Not a Plan

This little statement caught my eye in a blog last week, and I failed to note the blog.

A Google search turns up many hits, none of them my original sighting.

"He who lives on hope will die fasting" is another one that caught my eye.

And yet without hope we have no dreams, and no goals. Without a goal, we can have no plan, and without a plan, we are reduced to random actions.


The way I see it I can take each statement I make about hope, and jot it down on a sheet of paper.

Hopes are not bad things.

Periodically I can mark each hope as "reasonable" or "not reasonable". Unreasonable hopes are bad; they keep me from attaining what I might attain.

If I focus on each rational hope and develop a plan for it, a series of steps, each step reaching a measurable objective, I stand a good chance of getting there.

I hope.

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