Saturday, January 23, 2010

How Not to Blog

Another day, another argument about Blogging: Daily or Monthly; revenue or lead-generating, or just a means of venting, same old same old.

I'm a control freak; did I win the argument? (You two guys know who you are!)

Back at my desk I open up my "Daily Dose" of blogs and start reading, and realize that I am frustrated at and annoyed with blogs which offer one paragraph and then force me to click "Read More" to read more.

Why am I annoyed?

I figure that if the blogger presents the full text, my eyes can read as much as I choose to "above the fold", and then I can make the decision to apply physical effort to read more (scroll-down), but forcing me to take action to reach a point where I can make a decision is making me do work I should not have to do.

It is the blogger's equivalent of a web page that says "Click to Enter".

Now, where's my Delete Key ...?

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