Friday, December 31, 2010

Handling Rejections - 1

First off, there are no rejections.

I hear that we fear rejections; if you truly believe that rejections exist, then I invite you to reject rejections.

And just like that the problem goes away.

Of course, if you don’t believe in rejection, then you can’t reject your rejections and the rejections that you don’t believe in will continue to hurt you.

And you’ll be stuck with the problem forever.

I walk. If I accepted every upwards pressure from the earth as rejection, I’d not walk.

Think of it not as rejection, but as resistance to the current direction.

Here’s an example:

After bringing your e-mail to John’s attention, he discussed it with others at Conglobulations. We currently do have processes in place and employees who do manage all of this for Conglobulations. John thanks you for your interest in Conglobulations and understands the value you bring to the business community; at this time, it’s just not required at Conglobulations. Thanks again Chris and we wish you continue success in your business.

Now straight off, he can’t possibly understand the value I bring to the business community. He’s never spoken with me, we’ve never met. So it’s not a rejection, because he doesn’t have anything on which to hand a rejection. (He thinks he has, but he doesn’t really have).

Thanks Griselda. My only puzzle is that back in August Joe Bloggs had said "We are always resource-constrained", and one of the things I do for companies is to devise means of speeding up internal processes and freeing up resources. I would like to stay in touch.

Would John be averse to receiving a monthly single-item newsletter?

I decided to treat the initial response not as an outright “No” but as a failure to communicate.

Perhaps a failure on my part.

Here is the response:

Thanks. I think a monthly newsletter might be a good idea. Would you please copy me as well. Thanks again very much.

Waddya Know?

I had thought to drop $40 to $60 on a lunch to meet the guy and lead him into saying “Let’s stay in touch by email”.

I’ve just saved $40 to $60 PLUS four hours of my time AND been invited to send emails to the president’s personal executive assistant.

Don’t tell me SHE doesn’t know everything that’s going on in the organization!

Nowadays I think of a “rejection” as an invitation to change my direction.

And I keep moving forwards.

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