Monday, December 20, 2010

Take a Break!

A recent Staples Blog says in part:

Take a break. The average self-employed person in Canada works 59 hours a week, which may result in “small business burnout.” Discipline yourself to take a breather every few hours and do something unrelated to work. Walk through the park, have coffee with a friend or go to the gym. Believe it or not, the work will still be there when you return.

Get a hobby. Entrepreneurs typically have trouble “turning their minds off” when they leave work. Always thinking about your business will stress you out – and the people you love. Find joy in a new hobby, activity or charity that has nothing to do with your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Remember the corporate prison. Part of the fun of being one’s own boss is a chance to set your own schedule, take time off and get paid to do what you love. Bring a smile to your face by recalling those days when someone else called the shots. You’ll quickly remember how great it is to be an entrepreneur.

I read books

I preserve foods

I invent recipes

I go canoeing

I ride a bike

I grow plants

I find a Second Use For Everything (SUFE)

And whenever I can, I jump across the Allegheny River

What do you do when you step away from the desk.

Talk to Me !

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