Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Have SEVEN Honest Serving Men …

You will recognize the title as a clone of Rudyard Kipling’s poem .

It was brought home to me this morning as listened to a pod cast while strolling around in Commerce Court waiting for my 9 a.m.

The pod cast was making the distinction (in parenting) between what you do (to raise your child’s intelligence) and how you do it.

I thought that that is so true of the life of a solo entrepreneur.

What I blog and How I blog are two different issues (as are When I blog, Why I blog, and so on).

But there is most times a vital ingredient, which I would describe as “THAT I blog” (or THAT I invite contacts out to lunch, or THAT I build a list of prospects …).

Kipling’s six honest serving men are important, but not as important as my seventh.

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