Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paid Speaking Engagements

A typical set of questions from a service-area entrepreneur:

(1) How do you position yourself to get paid speaking engagements?

(2) What should I say to these college reps who are asking me to speak for their students so that I can generate $$ from helping students?

(3) Likewise with the non-profits that are asking for my help.

(4) What should I be charging for speaking engagements and charging non-profits for my online marketing services at this stage in my career?

(5) How do I present the solution so that they see the value and are willing to pay?

With your permission(1), I’d like to answer these questions one by one in an uninterrupted sequence.

You may not be interested in Paid Speaking Engagements, but much of what I have to say concerns payment for services in general, so it might be worth your while to join in.

I am answering these personal questions from my own experience; I provide training and I develop applications.

I am NOT a professional speaker; that is, I don’t make my living out of Paid Speaking Engagements - apart from scheduled training classes.

If you like, for me Paid Speaking Engagements are grocery money, or a contribution to the vacation I never seem to take.

Talk to Me !

(1) Please!

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