Tuesday, December 14, 2010

‘Tis the Seize-on to Be Folly

By which I mean you should throw all good reason to the winds and seize on a golden opportunity to flesh out your contact list.

Specifically that growing pile of names and businesses with which you have not yet established a contact.

More than any other time of year, the Christmas Season is the time when an unsolicited card has to be accepted at face value.

  • It’s the law!

Early in the new year when you phone to make that first contact, it won’t be quite so cold.

Your excuse for sending a mysterious card? You ran out of time to phone and didn’t want your contact to have to wait another year for their first Corporate Christmas Letter from you.

Be joyous!

I just helped you clear your backlog!

It’s also an OK time to leave a voice-mail with people you should talk to; “I called to wish you the best this Christmas Season and I hope to meet with you again in the New year”.

  • Does it work?

A very good afternoon to you. Sorry, I missed your call. I came in late today. Anyhow, thank you so much for your holiday greetings. I wish you too and your loved ones A Very Blessed Christm as and A Very Healthy & Prosperous New Year! FYI, I will be away from Dec 20 returning Jan 3 and will definitely be in touch in the new year.

If your goal in contact management is to stay in touch, to keep your name in people’s minds, then a short voice-mail with season’s greetings doesn’t hurt.

P.S. Indeed, wasn’t the whole point of that first telephone call so that you COULD call them unannounced to stay in touch? So any person on your contact list with whome you have ever met or cahtted is a fair candidate for a Christmas Greeting, whether direct or by voice-mail.

Talk to Me !

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