Friday, December 17, 2010

Staying in Touch 5

In Staying in Touch 4 I suggested a regular end-of-month printed newssheet as a way of touching un-touched contacts.

This morning I culled 47 contacts who are due for a follow-up; I have printed off 47 letters and envelopes, and I am going to send them.

But what do I do about a follow-up date?

If I mark all 47 records for follow-up “in 1 months time”, my backlog will drop from 146 to 99 in a flash. But exactly one month from now, to the day, there will be a huge leap in my backlog of 47 entries!

It’s good that today I’m catching up on my backlog of follow-up, but I seem to be setting my self up for a fall in one months time.

Since I will want to append a comment to each of the 47 records (‘issued an interim mailing”), perhaps I should include a piece of code to bump up each follow-up date by 30 days, or 60 days; in that way the original spread of dates will be maintained and I won’t get a deluge in the near future.

The same logic must apply to a Christmas mailing; if everyone on my list gets a Christmas letter and card, haven’t I “touched” everyone of them? And if so I don’t need to touch them for another month.

But come January 25th comes the deluge!

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